News del 16-09-2016

Discount codes market in Italy: stats and facts on voucher usage

The online shopping is finally beginning to take hold in Italy too. In this country the smartphones have reached goals that the PCs could have never even imagine: the entire population is in fact aware of the web potential and focused on the future at the same time.

Social networks, sharings and online shopping are now a matter of fact and unavoidable daily life aspects too. It is not only us who are stating that, but it has also been confirmed by the data collected from the most important research organisations: in the latest years they have in fact noticed that the greatest internets users' growth is located in Italy.

On the web, people chat with friends, work, inform themselves about the products, do shopping and, now more then ever, use voucher codes to save their money. These data are source of a great hope for the future and we have decided to refer them on this infographic, to let the foreign investors understand that Italy is a fertile ground for those who want to grow up with us.

discount codes market in italy


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